Tips for stock broking

A stockbroker buys and sells the shares and other securities on behalf of the clients and charges a fee or commission from them. Stockbrokers are known from different names. A stockbroker is somewhere a mediator between those who buys and sells the stock. A stockbroker must have a sound knowledge of stock market and guide investors in selling and purchasing of the stocks.

Stock brokers can either be individual or a company that gives financial guidance to their clients.

Whosoever you are, an individual or a company, our tips will help you out if you are keen in working in stock broking business and these are as follows:

  1. You may work in three different ways:
  • Taking decisions and making investments on behalf of the clients.
  • Can work as a financial advisor to the client and give guidance about the profit involve in either buying or selling the shares.
  • Buy and sell the stock according to the client’s instructions.

You must have a technique of convincing the clients for investing in the shares.


  • You must work with a stock brokerage house because buying and selling of the stocks can only do who are members of the stock exchange.
  • You must have a strong interest in the stock market business.
  • You must watch business news channels and read business newspaper and magazines that give information related to the stock because that will help in gaining your knowledge about the stock markets.
  • Watch the stock market updates regularly and keep a watch on which share rise and fall because this will help in you judging in what profit can be earned in buying and selling the share.
  • NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) are the two big stock exchanges in India. You have to be a member of any of the stock exchange to work in stock market as well as get yourself registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Boards of India).
  • There is a scope of online trading in Indian stock market. While accessing the websites one can easily learn the techniques of investing and get an easy access to the stock markets. You can buy or sell your order through online medium also. Sometimes the services provided by the websites are not free and they also charge fees.
  • Check out the Risk Disclosure Document which will give you an idea about the risks involved in the stock market business.
  • In India, there are two popular types of broker: Full-service broker and discount broker. Full-service brokers provide wholesome information and guidance related to stocks to their customers. Discount brokers give fewer number of services and focus on limited number of investment options.


The stock market has a lot of scope for the people and the companies who understands every nook and corner of this business.